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We Provide the Highest Quality Service at the Lowest Possible Price!

Reliable Propane Delivery for Agricultural Needs in Saskatchewan & Southern Alberta

Whether you need fuel for grain drying, irrigation, or heating your barn, the team at Heritage Propane Ltd. is available 24/7 for prompt, efficient service. We offer responsive propane deliveries throughout Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta, year round when you need it most. Maximize productivity and manage the conditions with our help. Ensure the propane tanks supplying your grain dryers and irrigation systems are properly fueled and ready to go. You work hard to support your agricultural business, let us work hard for you!

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No More Waiting

We are your local propane supplier who completely understand the importance of your harvest. That is why we have trained our team to specialize in scheduling to provide you with timely agricultural fueling solutions. Our consistent deliveries leave you with no room to worry during those high-pressure times of harvest. You can avoid waiting by relying on our hassle-free propane delivery services.

Dependable Sales, Rentals and Installation of Propane Tanks

Heritage Propane Ltd. has made it our mission to offer a customized level of propane service you just can’t find anywhere else. We understand the sensitivity of harvest to time and how essential fuel is to any agribusiness. We have thereby formulated effective delivery scheduling practices so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your regular supply of propane anymore. From the initial sale and installation of your tank to the latest fill, we are here to support your livelihood. We can advise you on the best product for the demands of your work and we supply propane tanks in 500- and 1,000-gallon sizes. Our tanks are safety and pressure checked and come complete with everything you need.

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Parts and Accessories

Our propane tank replacement parts and repair expertise is something you can depend on. We offer a variety of accessories such as hoses, brass fittings, regulators and more. We recertify if your storage vessel is 25 years plus. Allow one of our professionals get your tank back up to date. We cater to the needs of our agricultural community across Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions.


Top Up Your Tank

Ordering fuel online has never been so easy. Get the quantities you need right away using our convenient e-form.

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Local, reliable delivery at the lowest cost possible – we are your neighbour!

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