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Ready to Switch Propane Companies?

Switch to Heritage Propane Ltd. today to experience localized, reliable propane services.
Save now when you switch with a complimentary gas permit!

We Provide the Highest Quality Service at the Lowest Possible Price!

Switching Propane Suppliers in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Ready to switch your propane supplier? It has never been easier. Heritage propane has proudly served Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta since 1998 and is an independently-owned propane company. As a smaller operator, we offer a more focused, attentive service than our larger competitors. Running a streamlined operation allows us to deliver the highest quality propane service at the lowest cost possible.  We are your neighbor, offering 2 strategically locations - see why others are choosing Heritage Propane! For more information,  contact us today!

If You Currently Own Your Tank

If you own your existing tank,  it as easy as giving us a phone call. Our service technicians are on call for delivery. You can expect a visual safety inspection upon arrival just to ensure the tank conditions are safe and up to code.  

We are your neighbour; we understand your propane needs. To us, you are not just a client but part of our community. We treat your home like our home.

If you are Renting a Tank 


If you are currently renting your tank, we will schedule a convenient time to deliver a new tank as well as transfer any existing product left in the rented tank. Once your new tank is set up, your old tank will be ready for pickup by your previous supplier. When you switch, gas permits are provided at no cost which makes your installation free of charge with no service interruptions!


Power Your Grain Dryers with Propane


Improve the working capacity and efficiency of your grain dryers with propane. We recommend propane-powered grain dryers for more economical farm operations. There are many benefits to on-farm propane grain drying such as:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Harvest flexibility
  • Cost effectiveness 
  • Reduced crop loss


For reliable on-site fuel storage of your propane-powered grain dryers, turn to us.

It brings us great pleasure to spend time talking to our customers, some of which we have had the privilege to get to know on a personal basis over the years. To become a valued customer of Heritage Propane Ltd., call us today.

Enjoy the Freedom of a local, personalized Propane Service

We pride ourselves in understanding your propane needs and consumption. Through scheduled deliveries we provide flexible responsive service, eliminating unnecessary run-outs.

When you are planning to switch from one propane gas provider to another, always plan ahead. This will help you avoid any service interruptions and make your transition to a quality propane service provider seamless. Always check with your current service provider for any contract commitments. 

We offer complimentary gas permits and complete installation at no additional cost. 

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Propane


In an effort to better serve our customers’ needs, Heritage Propane Ltd. invites prospective clients to take a few moments and browse the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our propane services. Should you not see the answer to a specific question you may have about our products or services listed below, please feel free to contact us!

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